Manufacturer Benefits
The Designer Studio is part of a full service architectural firm that has both architects and designers, as well as a full drafting department.  That firm was established in 1989 and has developed a reputation for its creativity, quality of work, and integrity.  Examples of our work can be seen at
We are constantly updating and adding new plans to our collections, as well as developing new collections.
In the event we do not have a plan that meets your needs, we have a custom design service available for your clients.  Please contact us for the fees associated with this service.
We review the manufacturer's shop drawings for consistency with our design drawings.  This ensures a quality home and avoids costly mistakes during construction.
Our set of design drawings includes the following:
     -  Floor Plan with room sizes and ceiling heights indicated
     -  Window and door sizes and heights 
     -  Exterior Elevations
     -  Roof Layout
     -  Trim details
     -  All drawings to scale
You also get the benefit of ready-made marketing materials, including the following:
     -  Full access to website maintained by the Designer Studio
     -  Beautiful color perspective renderings of elevations
     -  Rendered floor plans     
     -  Brochure handouts and folders for shows, customizable with                manufacturer and dealer logos (fee)
The Designer Studio Collection opens up a whole new market to manufacturers, a market that is huge!  

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Designer Studio Homes can offer the appeal and ammenities necessary to tap in to nearly 88% of the market that traditionally has not even considered a manufactured home!

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